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Awesome app! ★★★★★

The app delivers on its promise! Useful formulas, easy-to-use interface and, most importantly, good accessibility with VoiceOver screen reader. Thank you!

Fabulous calculator ★★★★★

Calc. w. memory, scientific, loan (printing full amortization), financial, tip, currency, conversions, notes showing calculations, and MUCH more! This is the most complete calculator I have ever used. A really super app.

What more would you want? ★★★★★

The calculator has everything you need and want. The price is a steal. Best dollar I’ve spent!

Just right ★★★★★

I rarely write reviews, but this one is well deserved. This is a great app. I wasted time and a few bucks on other apps but was able to delete them all because this one nailed it.

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