Financial Calculators:

Useful tool to help you in financial decision making and planning.

  • Planning for new home or car -or- just trying to save money by refinancing current loan?
  • Amortization schedule generation for loan to understand detail portions of payments.
  • Want to know how much home or car you can afford?
  • Want to know how much you need to save monthly to achieve long term monetary goal?
  • Check how much interest you are going to pay over the period of loan.
  • And much more… With auto-note taking option, all inputs and output can be noted and can be shared with others to make better decisions/planning.


  1. Automobile: Auto Loan, Auto Affordability, Loan vs Lease, Cash back vs Low interest.
  2. Business: Margin, Markup, Selling price and Cost calculations.
  3. General: Tip, Shopping Discount.
  4. Investment: Bond Calculator, Present value, Future value, Rate of Return
  5. Mortgage: Loan, Advanced Loan, Affordability, Refinance
  6. Saving: Saving, Saving Goal

Units Conversion:

Dealing with multiple units, traveling abroad or friends and family in other country? No problem, unit conversions can help.
App can handle following conversions –

  • Area
  • Angle
  • Computer Data
  • Cooking
  • Energy
  • Force
  • Fuel Economy
  • Length/Distance
  • Mass
  • Power
  • Pressure
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Torque
  • Volume

Scientific Calculator:

Supports all general scientific and math calculations, option to access universal constants. Innovative RPN calculator with direct access to stack – delete/reorder/swap stack values. Multiple themes. Check function to verify operands and operators. Access to past values.

  • RPN mode with direct access to Stack.
  • Advanced stetting options.
  • Multiple Themes.
  • Access to Historical values.
  • Access to Universal Constants.
  • Auto-note calculations.
  • Check function to verify operands and operators.

Notepad with Auto Notes:

Allows you to share your calculations with friends and family without any extra efforts. This is very useful for financial calculations. You can also add custom content to notes. Notes can be emailed as text or attachment and also supports printing on iOS 4.2 or newer version.

  • Automatic notes of all calculations. Add your content to notes.
  • Select Font and Themes of your choice for Notepad.
  • Notes sharing options.