Copy & Paste:
Copy n Paste

  • Tap on calculator display to copy/paste. Paste option will be available only if there is any value in clipboard.


  • Swipe horizontal on calculator display to access past values.

Calculations Check/RPN Stack:

  • Swipe vertical on calculator display to check operands and operators entered before hitting ‘Equals’ button.
  • If ‘RPN Mode’ is enabled then RPN stack will be shown.
Advance Options:
Calculator can be fine tuned as required, see –

Delete Delete:

  • Press once to delete last digit.
  • Press and Hold to clear the content of screen.

Percent Percent Calculations:

  • 100 % 5 = 5
  • 100 + 5 % results in 105
  • 100 – 5 % results in 95
nPr Permutation:Arrangement of things (list), the order of things is important. Number of permutations of ‘n’ different things taken ‘r’ at a time is given by – nPr
5 nPr 3 = 60
Example:If 5 chairs are available then unique ways to arrange 5 guests on these chairs (5 nPr 5) = 120
nCr Combination:Selection of things (group), the order of things has no importance. Number of combinations of ‘n’ different things taken ‘r’ at a time is given by – nCr
5 nCr 3 = 10
Example:If we have 5 balls of different colors then select 3 balls, number ways we can achieve this without repeating same color combination (5 nCr 3) = 10.
mod Modulus/Modulo:This operation finds the remainder of division of one number by another.
10 mod 3 = 1
EXP Exponential/Scientific notation:This is a way of writing numbers that accommodates values too large or small to be conveniently written in standard decimal notation, expressed as a power of 10
0.000000123 = 1.23e-07
On calculator: 1.23 EXP then button PlusMinus 7 will results in 1.23e-7

SCI Convert to Exponential/Scientific notation:This button can be used to convert any number to scientific notation.

12345 sci results in 1.2345e+4

0.00002 sci results in 2e-5

Round Round Function:This function can be used to round off number with decimal places to specific number of decimal places or to Integer.

Round to number of decimal places can be configured in ‘Settings>Calculator>Round To’.

  • Example: If ‘Round To’ is configured to 212.123456 round results in 12.1212.5678 round results in 12.57
  • Example: If ‘Round To’ is configured to 0 then number is round off to Integer12.123456 round results in 1212.5678 round results in 13

Memory functions:

  • MR : Memory Recall
  • M+ : Adds value to memory.
  • M- : Subtracts value from memory.
  • MIn : Memory In. This button saves/replaces value in memory. To clear memory, use MIn when zero on display.

RPN (Reverse Polish Notation):The main advantage of RPN is that it eliminates the need for parentheses that are required for expressions.

In RPN the operators follow their operands; for instance, to add one and two, one would write “1 2 +” rather than “1 + 2”.

Example: “(3 + 5)/(7 + 6)” can be written in RPN as “3 Enter 5 + 7 Enter 6 + /

Interpreters of Reverse Polish notation are often stack-based; that is, operands are pushed onto a stack, using ‘Enter’ key.
Stack also permits the automatic storage of intermediate results for use later.

CalcMadeEasy’s innovative RPN calculator gives direct access to stack so that users can delete/reorder/swap operands onto stack, making it easy to manage Stack.

Visit App Settings to enable RPN Mode

RPN Stack: Available only if ‘RPN Mode’ is enabled
RPN Stack
RPN Stack

  • Swipe vertical on calculator display or click ‘Stack’ button.
  • If no value pushed/entered then stack will not be shown.
  • In ‘RPN Stack’ values can be deleted or reordered, see picture below.

Error/Exception Messages:

  • Error: General error scenario in calculations. E.g. Divide by Zero, Infinity, etc…
  • Overflow: Number too large to handle.
  • Underflow: Number too small to handle.

Sound, Theme and other options are available in App Settings.