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Delivers on its promise! ★★★★★

Simple, elegant, delivers on every feature advertised in the description.. Last but not least, great support for VoiceOver screen reader for the blind.

A cut above Apple’s Calculator ★★★★★

Pretty much the same functionality as Calculator, including RPN Mode; but a much nicer interface. Plus, this handles conversions MUCH better, and has many standard financial calculators setup that are difficult with a mere calculator app! Well worth the price:)

Saved us $752 on new mortgage ★★★★★

Worth every penny. We could “bank talk” rates and fees with our lender. Saved us $752 on a two year mortgage.

Very flexible and offers great features ★★★★★

CalcMadeEasy provides a variety of outstanding features. I especially like the finance functions such as refi for mortgages etc. I really like the ability to run various scenarios for mortgage refinance etc. The other thing that I really appreciate and thank the developer for is ensuring CalcMadeEasy is fully accessible when using VoiceOver. There are a lot of individuals with visual impairments of all levels with money to spend. 🙂 So, needless to say, CalcMadeEasy is well worth every penny and I also recommend the iOS versions as well.

Calculator For All Uses ★★★★★

This little app has replaced half a dozen other apps on my system. If it had an “Accounting” mode with a “tape” feature I would have to figure out hot to give it six stars.

Good but… ★★★★

Started using this on my iPod and loved it. Thought the “desktop” one would be better. It is, it’s great for calculating the mundane to the major. I find it very helpful with working on loans. The one thing they could improve on is being able to see more of the calculator on a desktop or laptop.